We often get asked which team a child could be in. This can be worked out from the three steps below:

  1. As long as you know which school year they are in the chart below will tell you what age group
  2. The next question is then if they are Female, do they want to play in a Female only team or in a mixed team. The Fry’s teams are denoted as Girls if they are Female only teams
  3. On some occasions players can “play up a year” which means they can go one age group higher. In general we would recommend against this as they go beyond U12 as the size difference can make it trickier as they are all developing towards being adults

School Year to Football Age Group

Reception – Soccer Tots
Year 1 – U6
Year 2 – U7
Year 3 – U8
Year 4 – U9
Year 5 – U10
Year 6 – U11
Year 7 – U12
Year 8 – U13
Year 9 – U14
Year 10 – U15
Year 11 – U16
Year 12 – U17

You can find all the teams in the navigation above, select the appropriate one and you can then contact the relevant manager as necessary